Parental Action Institute

The Parental Action Institute is created for individuals who are committed to confronting the stigma of mental illness and the mythology surrounding new parenthood.

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This Institute is dedicated to the power of professionals and advocates who are willing to improve care during the transition to parenthood.  A maximum of 6 attendees per session will practice skills in an interactive and intimate home setting – not in a typical classroom. Through innovative training methods, you will gain insights not taught anywhere in schools or professional conferences.

One of the unique benefits to participants of our institute is getting together for this wonderful event in person. We encourage all who can to meet in Jane’s living room for this special weekend. Never before have we offered PAI virtually, but because of the times, we decided to make this an option.

At the Institute we:

  • Teach peer leaders how to teach others
  • Take the full knowledge base of specialized professionals and help them use it in effective ways, including review of case studies
  • Emphasize action so attendees can launch healthy parents/families
  • Concentrate on the prevention of mental health problems
  • Help attendees develop an individualized strategy for implementing their respective plans (personal and professional)
  • Take a pragmatic approach, not theoretical

After the Institute, we:

  • Offer graduates personal coaching through phone, Skype, or in person for an entire year.  Jane and Shoshana take graduates under their wing to mentor them, if desired.  Graduates can contact either or both of the Institute leaders for this guidance.

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Meet Jane Honikman, M.S.

Jane Honikman, M.S., began her career in maternal mental health in 1977 when she co-founded Postpartum Education for Parents (PEP). In 1987 she founded Postpartum Support International (PSI) after organizing a conference on Women’s Mental Health Following Childbirth.

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Meet Dr. Shoshana Bennett

Internationally recognized as a leading maternal mental health expert, clinical psychologist Dr. Shoshana Bennett has inspired and transformed countless lives worldwide through her radio shows, books, lectures, interactive tele-classes, consultations, and videos.

Upcoming Workshops

Parental Action Institute is now a ONE DAY Workshop from 9 AM to 4 PM

Gather a group and set a custom date for your workshop. Fully customizable and hybrid options are available. Please contact Jane for more details.

March 9, 2024

Location: Santa Barbara, CA
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All workshops are held in a private home located between the mountains and the ocean in Goleta (near the University of California and airport) west of downtown Santa Barbara. Nursing babies are welcome. Please note that lodging is not included. If you prefer, you can attend the workshop through Zoom.

For questions, contact Jane at [email protected] or Shoshana at [email protected].

What our graduates say

  • "The Institute was wonderful and I had a great time meeting other maternal mental health advocates. It was comfortable and welcoming and I was glad I got a chance to participate!"

    -Lisa A., Executive Coach

  • "Thank you Jane and Dr. Shoshana, the PAI training is incredibly informative in an relaxed, safe and intimate setting. I believe this training is truly unique."

    -S. Jensen, Marriage and Family Therapist

  • "I left the PAI workshop feeling empowered to make positive change in my community. Having continued access to Jane and Dr. Shosh – true thought leaders and pioneers in this field – is extremely valuable."

    -Laura K., Parent Advocate

  • "This is by far the best training that I’ve attended in my professional career because of the intimate setting, and the closeness that Jane and Shoshana create. It’s wonderful to learn from two women who are so open about their experiences, and who have been supporting moms for so many years. I left feeling confident in my ability to provide support to moms in my community, and with specific ideas and support around how to do so. I highly recommend this training to anyone considering working in Maternal Mental Health."

    -A. Taverner, Marriage and Family Therapist

  • "Jane and Dr. Shosh came to our fledgling Connecticut chapter of Postpartum Support International to help us with "next steps" in our development and to mentor us in our care of perinatal families. One word: AMAZING! Another: WARM! Finally: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

    -Sharon T.

  • "This workshop definitely increased my confidence in operating a successful support group in my area. I was reminded of all the community connections I can draw upon and have been encouraged to really evaluate the personal needs of my community. Jane and Shoshana make for a fun, relaxed and intimate learning environment. I left feeling inspired and confident. Thank you both!"

    -R. Ivison

  • "Such an amazing opportunity to train with two pioneers in this field! After this two day training I am READY to begin my own support group and do this good work!"

    -C. Ospina

  • "This weekend was a deeply moving personal experience. I feel that I developed a stronger mission for my goals and also was able to connect my shared experience with like-minded souls. I strongly recommend PAI to anyone considering working in this field."

    -R. Irish

  • "Jane and Shoshana brought different strengths that complimented each other, and they were fun to be around! Throughout the weekend I grew as a person and developed a plan that will merge my personal passions and professional goals. I recommend this experience wholeheartedly!"

    -Ann L.

  • "It was a powerful experience to learn from two such inspiring leaders in the field. Each brought tremendous passion, knowledge, and understanding to the group."

    -J. Masse

  • "This was a tremendous opportunity to learn from two movers-and-shakers in the field of postpartum support—women whose work stems from their own experiences. I left feeling more empowered and able to reach out to moms who are struggling."

    M. Gordon

  • "Having the one-on-one time on Sunday to address participants’ individual goals and questions was key to making sure each one left with ideas and solutions."

    Alina H.

  • "It was awesome! I felt empowered and inspired, and came away with new plans and the confidence to pursue them. The content and pace were perfect- individualized and results - focused but not exhausting. I felt my passions had crystallized into a workable plan. I felt very encouraged/ inspired by my fellow participants."

    -A. Litwinski

  • "Interacting with such strong women was inspirational. It was great to meet people from different backgrounds with one common goal. The environment was so welcoming and supportive and the educational component was even more helpful than I had expected."

    -Jenni M.

  • “Great to be a participant!”

    -J. Moyer

  • "PAI was an incredible weekend, filled with authentic support, witnessing, brain-storming and relating. The weekend flowed beautifully with a balance of learning, sharing and self care. The group was small, intimate and provided space to explore each individual’s goals and means to attain them. There was beautiful chemistry and space to share experiences and differences. PAI was an incredible weekend, filled with authentic support, witnessing, brain-storming and relating. It is a rare opportunity to connect and evolve."

    -Lisa H.

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